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Here’s a Covid update from Pleasant Gardens

Thank you to all our managers and caregivers, and all our residents, a total of around 100-strong, for their effort as of today in keeping everybody safe from Covid! Owing to our good hygiene, use of PPE and social distancing, we have to date had no hospitalizations and no deaths due to Covid-19. This, at a time when news headlines were reading (and still read)

US now has more COVID-19 cases than any other country

A little history: A little history: We had two asymptomatic Covid+ tests at our Clover house in April 2020. But there was a total recovery in the house within three weeks. We had up to eight asymptomatic Covid+ tests at our Rosemont house in December 2020. But there was a total recovery in the house inside of three weeks. We had up to eight asymptomatic Covid+ tests at our New Glenmore house. But total recovery was achieved in-house in about two weeks. The key was cleanliness, healthy food to boost immunity, and safety protocols.

As a company, we continue to be cautious. We have been tracking the national and global statistics on Covid-19 since May 2020, when US deaths were over 63,000 (27% of the world total), up to today, November 2021, when the numbers were over 630,000 (15% of the world total), and deaths per 100,000 population in Maryland itself were 33rd in the nation. With the relaxation of safety protocols among a pandemic-weary public, and the evolution and resurgence of the coronavirus, nobody knows when we will see the end of Covid-19. Perhaps, like pinpointing when exactly the sun sets, it will be difficult to detect... until one day we are back to normal.
  • News: Although Gov. Hogan ordered bars and restaurant closed in mid-March 2020, we managed to treat all of our residents to some first-class Chinese restaurant food that month, sponsored by United Chinese Americans of Illinois and served by Ginza Japanese Steak House. This was prepared under sanitary conditions off-site and hand-delivered by PPE-protected staff of our own company.

This treat was so enjoyed by our residents that we did it again the next month. This time, the same organization sponsored and the same restaurant fed us a “Dumpling Sunday,” featuring dumplings made of beef and celery, wrapped in a dough like pasta. This was a big hit, as well. And we were able to show cross-cultural solidarity at the same time while keeping a struggling restaurant at work.

Let's keep everybody healthy and happy!

~Ronald Meyer, GM

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