Assisted Living 
 in Maryland
Info (at) PleasantGarden (dot) org410-300-4443  / 410-870-0758

Our Mission and Core Values

To provide our residents a secure, attended, comfortable and beautiful home.

To devote our care, love, patience and intelligence to the cultivation of healthier, happier and more pleasant living for our residents.

To consider the well-being of our employees and to treat them with respect and dignity. To help single mothers employed with us.

To provide for our employees a positive environment, adequate training and fair and sustainable pay.

To cultivate our employees’ personal growth, encourage all of our employees to pursue RN or other higher level education, cooperative time for their study and class and semester bonuses for cumulative credit.

To build a great, lasting, socially and environmentally responsible company.

To act with integrity in all of our dealings. As a fast-growing company, we also offer our employees the opportunity to grow with the company.

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